Thursday, 21 April 2016

Blogging Challenge! Get to Know Me Tag!

So, as I haven't been on this blog for long I've decided to do a get to know me tag so hopefully I'll seem less of a stranger haha!

  • What is your middle name? Seana (pronounced Shaw-na), unfortunately!! I hate it, but it's an Irish name chosen by my dad.
  • What was your favourite subject at school? Drama, definitely Drama! Always the only subject I truly enjoyed.
  • What is your favourite drink? Hot Chocolate!
  • What is your favourite song at the moment? For some reason me and my neighbour have been obsessed with 'Light it Up' for weeks and we can't stop listening to it! 100% my favourite song at the moment!
  • What is your favourite food? Either chip-shop chips or apple crumble!
  • What is the last thing you bought? A replacement spring collection Pandora bracelet! I lost my sentimental one, I had a charm to represent everybody I lost in my life (deceased family members and friends) but hopefully I'll still find it!
  • Favourite book of all time? A book called 'The Longest Whale Song' by Jacqueline Wilson. I read this when I was eleven but I don't read much so I don't think I've sat still enough to read anything properly since, but I loved this so much I can't imagine any book topping it!
  • Favourite colour? Pink! I love pink!
  • Do you have any pets? No! I used to have a cat called Reggie and I've had four syrian hamsters - Pumpkin, Scratch, Terry and Zoe, but I don't have any anymore!
  • Favourite perfume? Definitely Ghost. I don't know who it's by, but I love it as it was a birthday present and I love the scent! My second favourite is Lady Million.
  • Favourite holiday? Christmas!
  • Are you married? Nope, as I'm only sixteen haha! Hopefully I will one day though.
  • Have you ever been out of the country? If so, how many times? I've been to wales a few times, but I've never gone any further yet! I'm so scared of flying!
  • Do you speak any other language? Not fluently, just English! I learnt French until Year 9 and German until the beginning of Year 11, but I was never very good. I can do the odd sentence though!
  • How many siblings do you have? None!
  • What is your favourite shop? Ikea, who doesn't love Swedish furniture? Although I think any stores that sell Nike, Adidas or Jack Wills closely follow!!
  • Favourite restaurant? Nando's, obviously! Why is this even a question??
  • When was the last time you cried? Saturday! When I arrived to the Accident and Emergency Department I had a little cry as I had to wait a while for my mum who followed behind the Ambulance! The nurse was bloody lovely though! 
  • Favourite blog? I haven't had a blog in so long I don't have a clue at the moment!
  • Favourite movie? Garfield! The original! Mmm, lasagna!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Favourite TV shows? Probably any show on ITV Encore or BBC One!!!!! Mainly Broadchurch, Scott and Bailey, Marcella, River, Happy Valley, Impractical Jokers, Would I Lie to You?, Not Going Out and Miranda!
  • PC or Mac? PC all the way!
  • What phone do you have? iPhone Six Plus 16GB!
  • How tall are you? 5' 4" and a half.
  • Can you cook? Nope. Enough said.
Well that was long, but still fun to do! If you want to do this tag post, let me know in the comments as I'd love to read your responses!

Have a fabulous day!

Love, Cat xxx

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